About me

Hello World, Carlos Montero here

best known as "Caliche", I'm a  Software Engineer living in Vancouver, Canada. Feel free to reach out and connect using the follow links below or the contact form link in the main menu.

I'm currently an Principal Engineer at Splunk working on distributed systems. I was a Senior SDE at Amazon working across different types of projects, technologies and architectures. I worked developing back-end distributed applications for Backcountry. Before that, I worked for 3 years developing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications for GBM. I also was a professor in college for almost two years, teaching two engineering courses. As you can see, am just a regular guy who happens to love technology, innovation, computer science and of course, sports.

I just recently started my website in order to communicate, facilitate networking and other business opportunities. I believe that sharing knowledge and opinions through the web is one of the technologic resources we must definitely use to our advantage. I'll be posting very informal and friendly articles I find valuable, so hopefully you'll find it to be useful and who knows, perhaps it will even help you in your research.

Without further ado, please feel free to browse around.

-- Caliche